Why Invest In Real Estate?

Real estate is an exciting asset class. It's the only investment that provides such a variety of ways to grow your net worth.

  • Speculating: betting on development projects and new construction
  • Flipping: renovating, rehabbing and upgrading properties for a profit
  • Developing: infill lots, subdivisions and commercial developments
  • Investing: buying properties that generate positive cash flow for the long term

In addition to the variety of ways to be involved in the real estate market, there are also multiple ways to accelerate you returns:

  • Capital Appreciation: the value of your properties goes up over time
  • Equity Growth: your mortgage goes down over time
  • Cash Flow: your monthly rent less your expenses
  • Highest and Best Use: improving the property to increase rents or increase it's market value

In addition, investing in real estate provides you with the power of leverage in two ways. First- you can purchase real estate for a fraction of the true cost (typically 20% down). Second- as your properties increase in value you can use your new equity to purchase another property with little to no new cash. This is the magic of real estate investing!

Why Invest In Brantford & Brant County?

Right now Brantford and Brant County are experiencing the perfect storm for real estate investors. Affordable purchase prices, rapidly appreciating home prices, low mortgage rates, high rents, and very low vacancy.

For the past two years Money Sense Magazine has ranked Brantford in the top 5 places to invest in Canada (link to article). There are many opportunities in Brantford and Brant County including land development, single family rentals, multi-family homes, large apartment buildings, and a variety of commercial and industrial opportunities.

Whatever you are looking for in an investment - it's right here in Brantford.

Why Partner with The Brantford Homes Team?

Our team has a passion for investment real estate. We visit and analyze every opportunity on the market and provide our own in-house reports to our valued clients. We understand that the purchase and sale of an investment property is much different than the purchase and sale of your family home. Join our community of investors by signing up for our email alerts and receive priority access to our property analysis, investment tips, and live education events.