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We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us.
— Winston Churchill





April 2018 Market Update

🚨The secret is out! After two years of incredible appreciation for homeowners in Brantford, we are now on the radar of the whole country as residential and commercial investors look for the next project.

🏡Last year we were swept up in a residential real estate boom as pricing pressure from Toronto radiated out in all directions. This year conditions are much more stable, and there are opportunities in the market for both buyers and sellers.

🔥April sales were up 21% from the previous month as we finally experienced some relief from a long cold winter.

The number of homes for sale is also up 40% from the last month. 

Inventory is rising faster than demand - good news for buyers who have been frustrated by the lack of homes on the market; while at the same time making things more challenging for sellers as there is much more competition.

💵Homes are selling well between $200k and $600k. Between $600k-$800k things are much slower. Luxury sellers should be the most prudent when pricing and marketing their homes.

💰Rents are still on the rise, and we see a record number of rental properties on the MLS system.

👀Inside each specific neighbourhood and price bracket, there are unique opportunities - for a custom research package on your home or the area you are shopping in send a message! 👍🏼


Special Report: Spring 2018


When selling your home would you rather sell it for the most money or sell it in the least amount of time?...

We pulled the last 6 months of local home sale data to show you that selling your home fast and selling it for the best price is the same thing.


  • In our current market, most homes are selling in under 30 days.
  • 71% of the homes sold in the first week sell for full price or more, this drops to 44% the next week then 21% in the next two weeks.
  • 96% of homes sold after 30 days on market are sold for less than full price.

You only get one chance to make a first impression - call us to do it right the first time

call/text 226-920-8280 - or send a message.

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People usually are the happiest at home.
— William Shakespeare

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