Shifting Market Heading Into Autumn

Home sales in Brantford are following historical patterns, reaching a peak in late spring and declining into the winter months. The number of homes for sale has been stable since May at just under 300 homes for sale at any given time in Brantford. Aggressive offers peaked in April at 100% of asking price on average. That number has retreated to 98% of asking in October. The average time to sell home win Brantford has been between 3-5 weeks all year. The majority of homes sold in Brantford are under $600,000. The average sale price of a detached house this year has been $410,000, up 4% from the massive gains in 2017. The average price of townhomes in Brantford has been fluctuating with different developments reporting the sales in different months, the average sale price has been $350,000, up 19% from 2017.

We predict a busy fall and winter market in Brantford.