The Spring Market Is Here

(Just In Time For Summer!)

Demand for homes in Brantford continued its upward trend in May with 28% more homes being sold than in April. Demand for homes has been on rising since January and has accelerated in May.

The number of homes for sale only rose by 9% in May. Demand for homes is rising faster than homes are coming on the market - this will shift conditions more in favour of the sellers over the summer months.

The average home price continues to climb. Detached home prices up 3% from 2017 and Townhome prices are up 10%.

For the past three months, the average home has sold for between 99%-100% of their asking price.

The average time to sell a home has dropped from 30+ days in the winter to just 22 days in May.

The $200,000 - $500,000 price brackets are very active, and the market is favouring the sellers. Over $600,000 the market is significantly slower and favours the buyers.

Overall we have a healthy, stable real estate market in Brantford.